I Loved The Big Mattress, I Love Spotify, Not Sure About Donuts

….and for different reasons.  One is about the future, the other about the past. Spotify lets me listen to just about anything I want. And it pays royalties. Here’s a funny bit for today. Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks – Miracle Fruits Radio…I prefer to TV most of the time. Radio is not the same since … Continue reading

More Fun with Dario Cecchini (And Erik)

More Fun with Dario Cecchini – Los Angeles – Slideshows

Chilli Story….and yes the spelling is ok

This is a longer story than I usually write, but it is a good one. I was making chili last weekend for a football play-off game…seemed right. We have different super bowl menu which has traditionally been a gumbo we call “The Neville Brother’s Seafood Gumbo” only because we like their music. In the old … Continue reading

As long as the topic is food based…let’s add some beer connections

Beer may be in Erik and Dylan’s heritage. My grandmother’s family owned a large brewery in Springfield, IL which was established in 1849. A distant cousin, George Reisch, has been the chief brewmeister for Anheuser-Busch. Here is a link to more information about the brewery and several family members who loved to tell stories.  

Old news is better than no news!

Just came across this blog post…I know it is two years old, but I had not seen it before. Fast forward to the end of 2011, and here is Erik’s connection to the Mozza cookbook.    

Rubbin’ Butts: Annual trip to Ithaca

This year many of Rob’s friends turn 60. Big party next weekend which we will miss. But we will see all the close friends this trip. We found a great BBQ place on the way here, so we try to stop for lunch. The hat belongs to Til’s kid. Golf was good, Rob and me … Continue reading

How to dry herbs…like basil

You can do it anyway you like, but I like to chop it fairly fine and dry it in a basket, tossing it around to even the process. Keeps the color this way. Same for parsley. Having a staring contest with a praying mantis is good luck for gardens. And it keeps the skunk from … Continue reading

Long time, no posts…a few updates

Once the weather turned a bit more inviting for being outside, sitting in front of the computer fell by the wayside. Not the best excuse for not writing, but it will have to do. Johanna’s birthday, Easter,  a visit from Eddie and Shep Barbash, spring planting, a quick visit from Jim Turbert, a visit with a … Continue reading

iCrem and Milo

The “cheez” part….he wanted Rob to smile for the camera!

The Spice Table, LA: Erik’s a chef here

First Taste: The Spice Table Soft Opens This Weekend – Pre-Opening Alert – Eater LA. More On The Spice Table, Check Out The Rustic Asian Venue – Eater Inside – Eater LA.