I Loved The Big Mattress, I Love Spotify, Not Sure About Donuts

….and for different reasons.  One is about the future, the other about the past. Spotify lets me listen to just about anything I want. And it pays royalties. Here’s a funny bit for today. Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks – Miracle Fruits Radio…I prefer to TV most of the time. Radio is not the same since … Continue reading

More Fun with Dario Cecchini (And Erik)

More Fun with Dario Cecchini – Los Angeles – Slideshows

Happy Birthday, Johanna!

You missed being a tax deduction for 19xx by one day! I think there are ten candles on this cake. Would have been the first one for you in Cambridge. Happy birthday tomorrow!

32 Years Ago

We had moved to Cambridge in September of 1979. Rob had gone to South America for six months. He returned to say hello in April, 1980. He stayed. We stayed. The fiddle stayed. I can hear him practicing in the other room now. It may be the same song.

Music by Cadie

Cadie’s after school music projects! I hope I can get the mp3 files from her teacher to post. REVENGE UNBROKEN FUN IN THE SUN

On being an artist and a mother – a conversation

Originally posted on LITTLE BROWN MUSHROOM BLOG:
Carrie Thompson: When I was pregnant I had a studio visit with Lorna Simpson. She is a mother, so I asked her for advice. I wanted to know what I should do before I have my baby. What would be the challenges for me when I become a mother? She…

Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida is mid-way between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We were there for a couple of days visiting Rob’s mother, Cora. It has different demographics than other Florida vacation destinations! Made me feel like I was not the oldest person in the room, as is often the case other places we go. The weather was … Continue reading

Go Mustangs! Cadie is #12

A few days with the grandkids.  This was school vacation week in Massachusetts, so we were able to see Malcolm and Cadie for an over-nite, and Milo for breakfast several days. Coming soon…Malcolm’s first movie! It is in post-production now. He used my camera and did the shots around the house…actors included Cadie, Milo, Grampy … Continue reading

Dylan and Bartender History in Boston

“Cocktail Creationists”????  Oh, well. Probably goes with the “Bartender’s Bible.” Would not have been my first choice for a literary reference, but all PR is good PR.