I Loved The Big Mattress, I Love Spotify, Not Sure About Donuts

….and for different reasons.  One is about the future, the other about the past.

Spotify lets me listen to just about anything I want. And it pays royalties. Here’s a funny bit for today.

Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks – Miracle Fruits

Radio…I prefer to TV most of the time. Radio is not the same since the ‘BCN crew left us for the west coast and lots of big projects…I miss Charles, Eddie G., Billy West, etc. who kept me laughing in the darkroom days. THE BIG MATTRESS was amazing radio. Click to follow Charles on the internet. Google him.

The maple bacon donut has little to do with this post, but it seems like an excess of good things to eat, don’t you think? Although the price seems fair enough for that amount of bad stuff to eat.


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