I Loved The Big Mattress, I Love Spotify, Not Sure About Donuts

….and for different reasons.  One is about the future, the other about the past. Spotify lets me listen to just about anything I want. And it pays royalties. Here’s a funny bit for today. Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks – Miracle Fruits Radio…I prefer to TV most of the time. Radio is not the same since … Continue reading

32 Years Ago

We had moved to Cambridge in September of 1979. Rob had gone to South America for six months. He returned to say hello in April, 1980. He stayed. We stayed. The fiddle stayed. I can hear him practicing in the other room now. It may be the same song.

Music by Cadie

Cadie’s after school music projects! I hope I can get the mp3 files from her teacher to post. REVENGE UNBROKEN FUN IN THE SUN

What did we do wrong? /Earthquake Report/ Hurricane Watch/

Wow! I was sitting at the computer when I realized that the desk was shaking and squeeking…lots of construction around, but on second thought, I realized that nothing could make the house shake but an earthquake! The wonders of Google and the internet…I had a local number to call within minutes to check it out. … Continue reading

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich – NYTimes.com

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich – NYTimes.com. Wish that Buffet and others like Bill Gates, who give away a lot of money, would have spoken out about a month or two ago! I was wondering about the very numbers he refers to in the article.

Rubbin’ Butts: Annual trip to Ithaca

This year many of Rob’s friends turn 60. Big party next weekend which we will miss. But we will see all the close friends this trip. We found a great BBQ place on the way here, so we try to stop for lunch. The hat belongs to Til’s kid. Golf was good, Rob and me … Continue reading

Yes, it really is….

100 degrees in the shade!! Hope the poor plants don’t curl up and die on me.

More garden pics

Garden is looking lovely this year. Will get a bit more sun after the tree guy gives several trees a good haircut this weekend. Hope the trim does not wreck the flowers underneath.

How to dry herbs…like basil

You can do it anyway you like, but I like to chop it fairly fine and dry it in a basket, tossing it around to even the process. Keeps the color this way. Same for parsley. Having a staring contest with a praying mantis is good luck for gardens. And it keeps the skunk from … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Maggie!!!

For once I am early!! It was a very hot summer the year you were born. Don’t know why some kids seem to have so many clothes on. We did not have a/c! Here is a link to best wishes for the day.