Remember last year at this time?


Victims of Hurricane Irene

These two lovelies were the only casualties of the hurricane in our yard. We must be living right to be spared the deluge and devistation visited upon the ungodly elitists on the east coast. Oh, wait, Irene simply thought better of laying waste to our little urban garden. Lights went out briefly, too, but we … Continue reading

What did we do wrong? /Earthquake Report/ Hurricane Watch/

Wow! I was sitting at the computer when I realized that the desk was shaking and squeeking…lots of construction around, but on second thought, I realized that nothing could make the house shake but an earthquake! The wonders of Google and the internet…I had a local number to call within minutes to check it out. … Continue reading

Yes, it really is….

100 degrees in the shade!! Hope the poor plants don’t curl up and die on me.

I hate to only talk about the weather, but….

it is freezing here! Cold and rainy…here’s proof. I hope Istanbul is a bit warmer! Will be on our way there tomorrow. It is so chilly here that the plants have stopped growing. Of course it is never very warm yet, but we are all ready for fewer layers of clothing. I doubt that the … Continue reading

Just in case you were interested….

More updates on snow accumulation! Then rain, and now a break in precipitation. We may have missed the second storm today. Unfortunately, our flight tonight was cancelled yesterday and we won’t get to Florida until Saturday nite late. Oh well.

Bad Weather everywhere

This from Tina in New Zealand.

Doesn’t look like much….

Until you start to shovel and there is no where left to put the pretty stuff we woke up to this morning! Have not see this much accumulation since the Blizzard of ’78 in New Hampshire. Got my exercise this morning!

Let it Snow!

Deep Snow, Wet Snow, still coming down. Nobody goin’ nowhere today! I was supposed to leave early this am for the west coast to see family, but flights were canceled twice yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow by 2 pm travel will be resumed. At least the airline let me reconfigure my travel plans with no charge. … Continue reading