What did we do wrong? /Earthquake Report/ Hurricane Watch/

Wow! I was sitting at the computer when I realized that the desk was shaking and squeeking…lots of construction around, but on second thought, I realized that nothing could make the house shake but an earthquake! The wonders of Google and the internet…I had a local number to call within minutes to check it out. And, yes, it was an earthquake of 5.6 magnitude originating in Virginia. Pentagon has been evacuated. Wow!

I remember the last one I felt…1972, West Townsend, MA, I thought someone was in the rocking chair upstairs. Then I realized there was no rocking chair upstairs. This one brings back so many memories of that 15 seconds. I’ll never forget!!! Will  build a memorial patio!

Now we are waiting for Hurricane Irene to arrive. I remember the one 20 years ago….it never really materialized here….windows got taped, people were sent home from work…it rained some, but that was about it. Hope the same thing happens this time, because I don’t want my tomatoes to blow down!

One Response to “What did we do wrong? /Earthquake Report/ Hurricane Watch/”
  1. Tina says:

    Glad to hear you’re still standing. Earthquakes are not fun! Good luck with the hurricane – it would be a shame to lose those tomatoes. xx

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