I Loved The Big Mattress, I Love Spotify, Not Sure About Donuts

….and for different reasons.  One is about the future, the other about the past. Spotify lets me listen to just about anything I want. And it pays royalties. Here’s a funny bit for today. Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks – Miracle Fruits Radio…I prefer to TV most of the time. Radio is not the same since … Continue reading

Happy Passover

Found a recipe that I am trying for the first time for the brisket. It will be ready tomorrow. Really slow cooking! Here is a link to one online that is almost the same as the one I found in my new New York Times cookbook. And we are having matzoh ball soup for dinner … Continue reading

Milo’s Mixer: A Dance

After dinner, a boy just feels like dancing! Especially if Elmo is singing. And there is a good audience. And Mama has taught you some cool moves. And Papa is encouraging the performance from behind the camera.

For us baby boomers, Laugh Time!

You are never too old….

…to screw up or screw around. From the Chico Enterprise newspaper yesterday…. two interesting lives…. I really need to get busy with a more crazy life so the stories told at my funeral will be really good ones! Not sure these are role models, but they are good for wondering about how some guys figure … Continue reading

In need of a laugh?

Art + Colbert + Steve Martin = Satire Watch the whole segment, especially the intro monologue, which sets the tone.

Go, Grannie, Go!

My kind of pet, too. Pretty funny! Laura sent me this link about Mamika’s story. I guess I know what I need to do next for photo opps. But where is the grandson who will help me? Malcolm, are you ready for this? Here is a link to Mamika’s blog. The photo to the left … Continue reading

Words to Live By

Take Captain Tipsy’s advice! Words of wisdom. Music to enjoy…with a  martini. Thanks, Joe!

Sunday Morning News/ Live and Learn

A quiet morning with the newspaper….many of the comics (the best part of the Globe) were very funny today. Must start the day laughing. I’ve grown to like Cul de Sac, along with the old-timers, namely Dilbert, Zits, For Better or Worse, Stone Soup, Arlo and Janis, and of course Doonsebury. Looking to find the … Continue reading

Stamps of Disapproval

From Heather Phillips Just what you need for the start of the school year!