Victims of Hurricane Irene

These two lovelies were the only casualties of the hurricane in our yard. We must be living right to be spared the deluge and devistation visited upon the ungodly elitists on the east coast. Oh, wait, Irene simply thought better of laying waste to our little urban garden. Lights went out briefly, too, but we … Continue reading

What did we do wrong? /Earthquake Report/ Hurricane Watch/

Wow! I was sitting at the computer when I realized that the desk was shaking and squeeking…lots of construction around, but on second thought, I realized that nothing could make the house shake but an earthquake! The wonders of Google and the internet…I had a local number to call within minutes to check it out. … Continue reading

More garden pics

Garden is looking lovely this year. Will get a bit more sun after the tree guy gives several trees a good haircut this weekend. Hope the trim does not wreck the flowers underneath.

How to dry herbs…like basil

You can do it anyway you like, but I like to chop it fairly fine and dry it in a basket, tossing it around to even the process. Keeps the color this way. Same for parsley. Having a staring contest with a praying mantis is good luck for gardens. And it keeps the skunk from … Continue reading

Garden is producing

A few veggies. Snap peas (about 10 this week), a few green beans, nice fat radishes, miniature green peppers, 2 cherry tomatoes, parsley, basil, and other herbs. Hot weather is a must.

Garden is finally growing

The basil finally looks fairly healthy and has new growth, same for the tomatoes. Could it be a few warm days or the dose of miracle grow two days ago? I thought the new organic dirt from new Hampshire would do the job. We do have a couple of miniature green beans and three pea … Continue reading

Another sign of spring

Even if I must bring broken branches inside to force, the first yellow forsythia brings hope for the warmer weather. A very long time ago in West Townsend, MA, a friend from Sweden said that this was the custom in her clime. Bring the flowering indoors! When the light shines through those little petals, one … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning: Letting Go

Bear with me. These images do have something in common. I am cleaning out the office at Wellesley, finally, and cleaning out the bookshelves and office at home to make room for stuff from Wellesley that I can’t part with yet. So, double copies of old paperbacks from high school that will fall apart if … Continue reading

Cooking and Compost

More food for thought! 2 cooking lessons from Erik…how to make potato gnocchi and egg noodles. Light touch on both is necessary. Will be hard to duplicate Erik’s results, but I vow to try. Maybe Milo will have a fighting chance, watching a pro from an early age. Dan installed the new garden beds and … Continue reading

News from our Yard and beyond

Fall is here. The last public programming for Calculated Risks brought families to the gallery. One little nine year old boy thought we were rock stars…had to sign the poster of Malcolm which he chose. Made my day!!! Emiliano Zapata Black cruised the park with his possee, the Frito Banditos. Was a little un-nerved by … Continue reading