Happy Birthday, Johanna!

You missed being a tax deduction for 19xx by one day! I think there are ten candles on this cake. Would have been the first one for you in Cambridge. Happy birthday tomorrow! Advertisements

Cadie as a newborn…just about 11 years ago

Not sure whose toes those are…Laura’s or mine. Cadie 2000          

Saturday nite, Sunday morning with Cadie, Malcolm and Milo

Happy Birthday to Cadie, who will be 11 tomorrow! Last night, we took Malcolm and Cadie to Harvard Square for shoe shopping, pizza at Pinocchio’s and the movie Hugo in 3D. And a sleep over! Milo came over this morning to wake the late sleepers. The best time. And one great part….two pairs of sneakers … Continue reading

Yesterday….Erik reached the 40 year mark

Happy Birthday, my son in LA! If I remember correctly, you were supposed to arrive in late October. This photo must have been taken close to Thanksgiving and was used for the yearly Christmas card. Here’s to another 50+ years. Another whole lifetime.

Happy Birthday, Maggie!!!

For once I am early!! It was a very hot summer the year you were born. Don’t know why some kids seem to have so many clothes on. We did not have a/c! Here is a link to best wishes for the day.

Long time, no posts…a few updates

Once the weather turned a bit more inviting for being outside, sitting in front of the computer fell by the wayside. Not the best excuse for not writing, but it will have to do. Johanna’s birthday, Easter,  a visit from Eddie and Shep Barbash, spring planting, a quick visit from Jim Turbert, a visit with a … Continue reading

TaTa (a.k.a. Gramps) has birthday

Happy Birthday, Rob, JP, Walter, Bonnie and Steve M. Since you were not able to enjoy the Sagittarian Brothers/Sister bash last nite because of the tummy bug going round, here are a few photos from past celebrations.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Here’s to another 20 years!!! 92 down and lots to go! Wish we were there to help you blow out the candles! xo from all of us, including Milo.

“Happiness is a warm……” pancake?….

A great birthday present for a 12 year old boy!!! Happy birthday, Malcolm!!!! I remember your arrival!!!

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

As I comb through the negs, there are photos that I can’t resist. This is my best cute cat photo. The story is better than the image, though. The high chairs in the 1970s were not quite as safety minded as they are today. Note the tie hanging off the back of the seat. Jack’s … Continue reading