Long time since I posted

The weather has been too nice most days for me to get buried inside in front of the computer. Therefore, no recent posts. Once the cold really sets in, I will have to re-cap the garden season and other very important events. Nothing very exciting for sure, actually pretty boring in the light of what … Continue reading

Yes, it really is….

100 degrees in the shade!! Hope the poor plants don’t curl up and die on me.

News from our Yard and beyond

Fall is here. The last public programming for Calculated Risks brought families to the gallery. One little nine year old boy thought we were rock stars…had to sign the poster of Malcolm which he chose. Made my day!!! Emiliano Zapata Black cruised the park with his possee, the Frito Banditos. Was a little un-nerved by … Continue reading

Can Sleep Anywhere

Laura climbed in the tub in the toybox and took a nap! Dylan could nap anywhere! One might ask why their mother let them.

Tina and Mike visit

Tina (my sister) and Mike (my brother-in-law) were here last week visiting from New Zealand. Family gatherings were in order, visits to New Hampshire and George’s Island were lovely and only the weather was a “little” on the hot and muggy side. We survived the heat fairly well. Had great meals at Green Street where … Continue reading

A few more photos from yesterday

The favorite present was the windup “radio” that plays Old MacDonald and has no “off” button. Auntie Jo knows!

From Milo’s Birthday picnic

We had a lovely day for a little party for Milo this afternoon. Malcolm fixed hot dogs and hamburgers, and Jimena made carrot cake. It was lovely to have almost all the kids and spouses. Cadie’s knee wound is healing well. No infection. Just a pokemon scar. I was able to take some photos with … Continue reading

Like this format better?

I think this new template from WordPress is a bit more to my liking. The color photo is Malcolm fairly recently, the black and white is Malcolm in the backyard many years ago.

The WayBack Machine

This is the Hopalong Cassidy brownie camera I purchased for $7 with Bingo winnings. Must have been my First Communion at age 7. Aunt Edie was taking the stereo Realist slides of me taking pictures of my siblings. Hank is posing.

Catching up on recent visits home

Erik was here in September to visit and meet Emiliano. Cadie and Malcolm sat still for the Grannie. Sadly, Johanna, Dylan and Mark were at work when the light and majority of people aligned in the backyard.