Happy Birthday, Johanna!

You missed being a tax deduction for 19xx by one day! I think there are ten candles on this cake. Would have been the first one for you in Cambridge. Happy birthday tomorrow! Advertisements

32 Years Ago

We had moved to Cambridge in September of 1979. Rob had gone to South America for six months. He returned to say hello in April, 1980. He stayed. We stayed. The fiddle stayed. I can hear him practicing in the other room now. It may be the same song.

Remember last year at this time?

Chilli Story….and yes the spelling is ok

This is a longer story than I usually write, but it is a good one. I was making chili last weekend for a football play-off game…seemed right. We have different super bowl menu which has traditionally been a gumbo we call “The Neville Brother’s Seafood Gumbo” only because we like their music. In the old … Continue reading

The Girls from Boris Color Lab, 25 years later

Here we are, 25 years after working together at Boris Color Labs on Landsdowne Street across the street from Fenway Park and down the street from the WBCN studios. That was in the early 80s. Still looking’ pretty good! Moira, Cathy, me and Cheryl were toasting Cathy’s completion of her MFA last night!

Yesterday and today

And you thought burkas were strange clothing for women! This is the same order of nuns who taught at the grade school and high school I attended in Springfield, Il. in the 1950s and 60s. For outside, there was a long black cloak. Notice there are no hands showing. On a more contemporary note, I … Continue reading

We Didn’t Start The Fire: interesting link from my Dad

Interesting example of how images and words play together…and how much the picture is our memory. Probably an old video making its rounds, but I have not seen it before. As the message from the email says, “Whether you are a Billy Joel fan or not, you probably remember his great song, ‘We Didn’t Start … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

As I comb through the negs, there are photos that I can’t resist. This is my best cute cat photo. The story is better than the image, though. The high chairs in the 1970s were not quite as safety minded as they are today. Note the tie hanging off the back of the seat. Jack’s … Continue reading

Cheap and Fast: From the past

Anyone remember SBI Sales in Boston and Cambridge during the 1980’s?


FlashForward: Rob is starting the mornings with a little fiddle practice, just like the old days! Has bought himself a violin,  paid for the tuner app for his iphone and googles for the tune he is learning. Old Timey music meets New Timey technology! He is doing it to remember the JimBoy who died last … Continue reading