Music by Cadie

Cadie’s after school music projects! I hope I can get the mp3 files from her teacher to post. REVENGE UNBROKEN FUN IN THE SUN Advertisements

Another Milo music video

  Gotta be like Eddie and wear the case on the back! Even though it is a guitar case….

Saturday nite, Sunday morning with Cadie, Malcolm and Milo

Happy Birthday to Cadie, who will be 11 tomorrow! Last night, we took Malcolm and Cadie to Harvard Square for shoe shopping, pizza at Pinocchio’s and the movie Hugo in 3D. And a sleep over! Milo came over this morning to wake the late sleepers. The best time. And one great part….two pairs of sneakers … Continue reading

Long time since I posted

The weather has been too nice most days for me to get buried inside in front of the computer. Therefore, no recent posts. Once the cold really sets in, I will have to re-cap the garden season and other very important events. Nothing very exciting for sure, actually pretty boring in the light of what … Continue reading

Milo’s Mixer: A Dance

After dinner, a boy just feels like dancing! Especially if Elmo is singing. And there is a good audience. And Mama has taught you some cool moves. And Papa is encouraging the performance from behind the camera.

For Spring…a new look for the blog

How time flies! Last sprint he was learning to walk (see above). Today, Milo and I were splashing through puddles, chatting away, learning to talk. Still a bit too cold for this attire, but maybe in about a month we will be warmer!

iCrem and Milo

The “cheez” part….he wanted Rob to smile for the camera!

The Spice Table, LA: Erik’s a chef here

First Taste: The Spice Table Soft Opens This Weekend – Pre-Opening Alert – Eater LA. More On The Spice Table, Check Out The Rustic Asian Venue – Eater Inside – Eater LA.    

Milo wanted his picture taken

Milo wanted me to take “pichurs, YaYa” with the big camera yesterday. Could not refuse! Fujiroid 4×5 instant. Now I want to make more. The black and white is very nice, too.  A good jolt back to making film based work. Even though I do like the new digital SLR I got in November. Too … Continue reading

Malcolm’s first youtube video production

Malcolm, my gransdon,  is taking lessons from this guy and is practicing many hours a week. And he shot and edited this video.  A steady hand and good framing with the camera at age 12. Good work, Malcolm.