iCrem and Milo

The “cheez” part….he wanted Rob to smile for the camera! Advertisements

Words to Live By

Take Captain Tipsy’s advice! Words of wisdom. Music to enjoy…with a  martini. Thanks, Joe!

Vaguely Arabic At The Circus: Steve Milanowski

For more work by Steve, try his website or facebook page.

B: Society of the Spectacular Find

More news of the “found” Ansel Adams negs and prints. Good for a laugh courtesy of Karl Baden. B: Society of the Spectacular Find

Milo chases Cadie around and around at birthday

Cadie has a ball tucked under her dress!!! Milo is so happy to have someone to chase, in addition to the rest of us. A perfect birthday party, except for the very cool wet weather.

Good Advice from Goodwill

While shopping at Goodwill this morning with Cora, my mother-in-law and Milo, my grandson, both using 3 wheeled vehicles, I noticed this sign. Think about it.

No Way!!

Rob and Borat, we knew about. Rob and Grocho, we knew about. Rob and Stalin?

From this morning’s Globe…

Can’t resist passing on this wonderful bit of advice from the Globe’s Handyman advice column. I’ve always been bothered by the sound of little feet on the roof. This should keep the birds off, too. A very medieval solution to pesky animals! Q. How can I keep squirrels from jumping on my roof? Also, a … Continue reading

Mr. July

My sister Tina in New Zealand came across this pic on a calendar. Would you believe there are two? – Posted from iPod

El Vez Xmas!!

I Wanna Wish You a Merry Xmas!