Chilli Story….and yes the spelling is ok

This is a longer story than I usually write, but it is a good one. I was making chili last weekend for a football play-off gRay's Original Chilli with Beansame…seemed right. We have different super bowl menu which has traditionally been a gumbo we call “The Neville Brother’s Seafood Gumbo” only because we like their music. In the old days (the 80s and early 90s, the guys would bring guitars to the party and pretend they were the SuperBowl half-time entertainment. The band was dubbed the “O Rings,” short for the “Faulty O-Rings,” to be in the punk genre of band names. Times have changed and we are down to only a hand full of the original participants who still live around here and none have electric guitars.

Fast forward to last weekend. Flashback to my childhood memories of going with my Dad to the local library and the chili parlor next to it. Funny how these things just pop into view. We didn’t go out much to eat, but I remembered the name, Ray’s Chilli. (That is the correct spelling, at least for this brand.) The brand is still going, and one can order it online! The packaging design is great, too!

Maybe better than the chili, which I only vaguely remember as being spicy. I ordered some for my dad who is 93 and some of the spices for myself and Erik, who is tracking down BBQ.

As soon as I saw via internet tracking that the package was delivered to Dad, I emailed him and asked if he had any chili. His reply:

“I just unpacked the box which got here a moment ago and was about to write to you.
How did you know that I used to sell this product?
When I was working at Ferguson’s Market in the 30’s, Ray DeFrates delivered it by the case. He and Fergie would tell jokes: I remember Fergie laughing so hard, he had to take his glasses off and wipe his face.  I ate many a can of it and survived, in spite of all the wrong fats, cholesterol, and salt. There is some protein.”

Don’t know if Dad will eat any of it, but the can looks good on the shelf! Or, he can re-gift it for Christmas next year. Now we need the Reisch beer (also from Springfield) to go with it. Alas, the beer no longer exists, but its label was a good one, too.

I’ll let you know how the spices are!
2 Responses to “Chilli Story….and yes the spelling is ok”
  1. Tina says:

    Love the peacock, and the story. I remember the chilli. Wasn’t there a 5 & dime next to or near the library?

    • judithblack says:

      Yes!!! Woolworth’s! I had forgotten it was there. Hope Dad has someone try the chilli to see if it is any good at all. I do remember the library well with Miss Hunn, the librarian. Funny how one remembers such small details about little things, but not so much about bigger events sometimes.

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