Happy Birthday, Johanna!

You missed being a tax deduction for 19xx by one day! I think there are ten candles on this cake. Would have been the first one for you in Cambridge. Happy birthday tomorrow! Advertisements

As long as the topic is food based…let’s add some beer connections

Beer may be in Erik and Dylan’s heritage. My grandmother’s family owned a large brewery in Springfield, IL which was established in 1849. A distant cousin, George Reisch, has been the chief brewmeister for Anheuser-Busch. Here is a link to more information about the brewery and several family members who loved to tell stories.  

Old news is better than no news!

Just came across this blog post…I know it is two years old, but I had not seen it before. Fast forward to the end of 2011, and here is Erik’s connection to the Mozza cookbook.    

Cadie as a newborn…just about 11 years ago

Not sure whose toes those are…Laura’s or mine. Cadie 2000          

Saturday nite, Sunday morning with Cadie, Malcolm and Milo

Happy Birthday to Cadie, who will be 11 tomorrow! Last night, we took Malcolm and Cadie to Harvard Square for shoe shopping, pizza at Pinocchio’s and the movie Hugo in 3D. And a sleep over! Milo came over this morning to wake the late sleepers. The best time. And one great part….two pairs of sneakers … Continue reading

Long time since I posted

The weather has been too nice most days for me to get buried inside in front of the computer. Therefore, no recent posts. Once the cold really sets in, I will have to re-cap the garden season and other very important events. Nothing very exciting for sure, actually pretty boring in the light of what … Continue reading

Photo Gallery

Photos from this year….home, basketball, Chico, Seattle, and more home. Click on the image below and you will be linked to a gallery where you can see the images in a variety of modes. Best to use the Safari browser or the Firefox 3 versions.

TaTa (a.k.a. Gramps) has birthday

Happy Birthday, Rob, JP, Walter, Bonnie and Steve M. Since you were not able to enjoy the Sagittarian Brothers/Sister bash last nite because of the tummy bug going round, here are a few photos from past celebrations.

Cooking and Compost

More food for thought! 2 cooking lessons from Erik…how to make potato gnocchi and egg noodles. Light touch on both is necessary. Will be hard to duplicate Erik’s results, but I vow to try. Maybe Milo will have a fighting chance, watching a pro from an early age. Dan installed the new garden beds and … Continue reading

“Why don’t you ever make meatballs?”

Let me tell you why not. First, go to three places to get the right ingredients. Make the sauce…chopping everything very fine. Then start the meatballs. Bake them in sauce in a slow oven. Cook the pasta. Dress the salad with homemade dressing. Total time…all day.Ok, I admit that I have avoided meatballs for 40 … Continue reading