Long time, no posts…a few updates

Once the weather turned a bit more inviting for being outside, sitting in front of the computer fell by the wayside. Not the best excuse for not writing, but it will have to do. Johanna’s birthday, Easter,  a visit from Eddie and Shep Barbash, spring planting, a quick visit from Jim Turbert, a visit with a … Continue reading

Armenian Night Annual Party

This year’s Armenian Night party, again, warded off the deep cold of the NE winter. Great friends and great food and drink are the ingredients. Plus a long running tradition that brings Armenian food to the table. And a brief nod to one traditional dance! Gerard’s recipe for the “little footballs” is featured. Instead of … Continue reading

Photo Gallery

Photos from this year….home, basketball, Chico, Seattle, and more home. Click on the image below and you will be linked to a gallery where you can see the images in a variety of modes. Best to use the Safari browser or the Firefox 3 versions.

We Didn’t Start The Fire: interesting link from my Dad

Interesting example of how images and words play together…and how much the picture is our memory. Probably an old video making its rounds, but I have not seen it before. As the message from the email says, “Whether you are a Billy Joel fan or not, you probably remember his great song, ‘We Didn’t Start … Continue reading

Anxiety dreams and the cure

Woke up this morning with one of the classic teaching anxiety dreams…late for class, not prepared, students running wild, no equipment, etc. I did have clothes on, one good thing. And I’m not even teaching anymore! I doubt that I will ever have such dreams about my golf game! Dee just sent me a few … Continue reading

Tina and Mike visit

Tina (my sister) and Mike (my brother-in-law) were here last week visiting from New Zealand. Family gatherings were in order, visits to New Hampshire and George’s Island were lovely and only the weather was a “little” on the hot and muggy side. We survived the heat fairly well. Had great meals at Green Street where … Continue reading

Calculated Risks: Exhibit at the Davis Museum, Wellesley College

Opening on September 15, Calculated Risks is an exhibit of work by artists/faculty in the studio art department. Collaborating with the DMCC and the art history faculty, the exhibit will show work by 12 artists currently teaching (or recently retired!) at Wellesley. I have made my final decisions about the installation and the checklist is … Continue reading

The Three Little Grandkids:

Sent from iPhones to Grannie yesterday! All of them are acting like their parents, at least the parent on my side! Ok…so some are not so little anymore.

Ham and Cheese Tour/Erik’s trip to Italy

Pictures & Places – Picasa Web Albums. Erik spent 10 days eating and walking and looking at beautiful Italy!


FlashForward: Rob is starting the mornings with a little fiddle practice, just like the old days! Has bought himself a violin,  paid for the tuner app for his iphone and googles for the tune he is learning. Old Timey music meets New Timey technology! He is doing it to remember the JimBoy who died last … Continue reading