I hate to only talk about the weather, but….

it is freezing here! Cold and rainy…here’s proof. I hope Istanbul is a bit warmer! Will be on our way there tomorrow. It is so chilly here that the plants have stopped growing. Of course it is never very warm yet, but we are all ready for fewer layers of clothing. I doubt that the … Continue reading

Bevil and the NEA Blog

    Bevil is a colleague at Wellesley College. My latest rant is to promote the re-definition of creativity…so that it does not mean “One who can draw an apple that looks like an apple.” I should mean “one who can imagine and produce a different apple than the ones already existing”. Creative thinking and … Continue reading

Point, shoot, take a risk/ Sebastian Smee comments on digital

Point, shoot, take a risk – The Boston Globe An article by Sebastian Smee. Watch the video, too. Sebastian, what was that quote from your hero, Walker Evans, that you use in this article? Something about not using a new technology until one is over 60? Perhaps you should wait until you are old enough. … Continue reading

Out of my league

Went to a cocktail party yesterday, a little above my usual social level. Not the same crowd as Green Street. On the 24th floor of an apartment overlooking the East River on a beautiful clear evening. Amazing art (vast understatement) everywhere. Jaw-dropping. I was reminded of the vast differences between the haves and have nots … Continue reading


Thank god, I am retiring at the end of this academic year! There are so many better ways to spend the time one has left in their lives, than waging battles that count for very little in the long run. Right now, I am still spending nearly half of every day on paperwork for Wellesley. … Continue reading

Not much new this week

A busy couple of weeks at Wellesley…a couple more to come. Then I hope I can get back to feeling like I have time to work on my stuff. Don’t know how colleagues do everything! I got a copy of the book, The Art of Caring, an exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art … Continue reading

I can’t believe….

A faculty meeting devoted to stuffing envelopes with exams for self- scheduled exams….really substantive discussion about honor code and faculty involvement…. Took 25 minutes. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone