The Infinity Burial Project

The Infinity Burial Project. Parallel/Peripheral: Working at the Intersection of Art and Other Jae Rhim Lee, artist and ACT research fellow, MIT, Cambridge MA Respondent: Nicholas A. Ashford, Professor of Technology and Policy; Director, MIT Technology and Law Program Jae Rhim Lee’s current work, the Infinity Burial Project, proposes alternatives for the post-mortem body and … Continue reading

Bevil and the NEA Blog

    Bevil is a colleague at Wellesley College. My latest rant is to promote the re-definition of creativity…so that it does not mean “One who can draw an apple that looks like an apple.” I should mean “one who can imagine and produce a different apple than the ones already existing”. Creative thinking and … Continue reading

Pics from the opening of Calculated Risk

The crowd numbered somewhere around 700, at least someone ventured a guess at that size. Johanna took most of these photos.

Calculated Risks: Opening

A wonderful opening last night. Thanks to the entire DMCC staff, the Art Department, and Wellesley College for support. There is a wonderful array of work, something that will engage every visitor. Lots of programming with talks and panel discussions. Check the DMCC website for the calendar. Thanks  again to all who came!

Calculated Risks: more info

More info about the exhibit: programming, talks, lectures, related etc. Click on the link below for a more complete calendar of cultural events at Wellesley. All are free. Wellesley Arts Calendar

Dave Olsen’s whale in action

Part of Dave’s installation for the faculty show…a must see! This show has a lot of new and exciting work. Something for everyone in a very good way. For a preview, click this link…. Wellesley College – Events – Events.

Calculated Risks opening info

For more info… See you there!!!

Anxiety dreams and the cure

Woke up this morning with one of the classic teaching anxiety dreams…late for class, not prepared, students running wild, no equipment, etc. I did have clothes on, one good thing. And I’m not even teaching anymore! I doubt that I will ever have such dreams about my golf game! Dee just sent me a few … Continue reading

Save the Date: Davis Museum exhibit

September 15 opening…. Exhibit will be on view for the whole semester. Hope you can see it!

One of my students in the news!

In today’s Globe. So nice to wake up to a face you know in the paper! MaCherie is one of our Media Arts and Science majors, combining studio art, art history and computer science courses. MaCherie Edwards’s smart-phone app helps people get the most out of the museum – The Boston Globe.