Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida is mid-way between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We were there for a couple of days visiting Rob’s mother, Cora. It has different demographics than other Florida vacation destinations! Made me feel like I was not the oldest person in the room, as is often the case other places we go. The weather was … Continue reading

Pics from Turkey

An album on Facebook….these are all taken with the iPnone. A fun camera for travel. Will add more as the days go on.

Ataturk and the Mick

At Sim and Moira’s apartment. Sim added the Mickey Mantle baseball card to the ubiquitous image of Ataturk.

Breakfast view

Nice door! Plus a view from dinner next to the Temple of Artemis. Off to see the Aegean Sea.

Greetings from Turkey

Enjoying a beer at our hotel…Jimmy’s Place, in Sedcek. Near ruins of all sorts. Only one kind of beer to be found so far. Everyone sells rugs and ceramics that are of various quality. We have found some very nice rugs in Capadocia. And a lovely small plate here.

Let it Snow!

Deep Snow, Wet Snow, still coming down. Nobody goin’ nowhere today! I was supposed to leave early this am for the west coast to see family, but flights were canceled twice yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow by 2 pm travel will be resumed. At least the airline let me reconfigure my travel plans with no charge. … Continue reading

Jamon and GinandTonics and More Don Quixote

Well, Spain was a delightful break from the normal routine. Some things remain consistent…jamon, jamon, jamon for every meal or so it seems. But the size of the gin and tonics has grown! Though it odd to end a meal with g and t, but saw it often enough to know that it is fairly … Continue reading

Big game in Spain

Exactly like the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry! Madrid against Barcelona in a bar in Haro. Very smokey!

Anxiety dreams and the cure

Woke up this morning with one of the classic teaching anxiety dreams…late for class, not prepared, students running wild, no equipment, etc. I did have clothes on, one good thing. And I’m not even teaching anymore! I doubt that I will ever have such dreams about my golf game! Dee just sent me a few … Continue reading

Ham and Cheese Tour/Erik’s trip to Italy

Pictures & Places – Picasa Web Albums. Erik spent 10 days eating and walking and looking at beautiful Italy!