Go Mustangs! Cadie is #12

A few days with the grandkids.  This was school vacation week in Massachusetts, so we were able to see Malcolm and Cadie for an over-nite, and Milo for breakfast several days. Coming soon…Malcolm’s first movie! It is in post-production now. He used my camera and did the shots around the house…actors included Cadie, Milo, Grampy … Continue reading

Big game in Spain

Exactly like the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry! Madrid against Barcelona in a bar in Haro. Very smokey!

Anxiety dreams and the cure

Woke up this morning with one of the classic teaching anxiety dreams…late for class, not prepared, students running wild, no equipment, etc. I did have clothes on, one good thing. And I’m not even teaching anymore! I doubt that I will ever have such dreams about my golf game! Dee just sent me a few … Continue reading

Sports Update

Just to follow up on the Yankees win and its importance to the Madrick family. Milt grew up in the Bronx. He loved the stadium and the team and Frank Sinatra. When Milt died several years ago, I helped Cora move. We kept important things, photos, the usual. Included was Milt’s Yankee t-shirt. It has … Continue reading