Another one bites the dust

Resolution for the new year….get to the darkroom before it is too late and too expensive! So many products are gone or the “recipe” is changed or the manufacturer is in France or the company is deceased. Polaroid for starters. We know where the color photo technology resides; the digital product can be just as … Continue reading

Calculated Risks: Exhibit at the Davis Museum, Wellesley College

Opening on September 15, Calculated Risks is an exhibit of work by artists/faculty in the studio art department. Collaborating with the DMCC and the art history faculty, the exhibit will show work by 12 artists currently teaching (or recently retired!) at Wellesley. I have made my final decisions about the installation and the checklist is … Continue reading

Best 100 Polaroids in exhibit….includes one of mine!!

Swiss museum puts Polaroids ‘in peril’ on show. Polaroid collection faces auction split The Musee de l’Elysee/Lausanne A quote from the first site: “In the meantime, the museum, in the western Swiss city of Lausanne will showcase the best 100 of some 4,500 photographs owned by Polaroid, the company that popularised instant photographs.” Vicki Ragan, … Continue reading

Point, shoot, take a risk/ Sebastian Smee comments on digital

Point, shoot, take a risk – The Boston Globe An article by Sebastian Smee. Watch the video, too. Sebastian, what was that quote from your hero, Walker Evans, that you use in this article? Something about not using a new technology until one is over 60? Perhaps you should wait until you are old enough. … Continue reading

From Milo’s Birthday picnic

We had a lovely day for a little party for Milo this afternoon. Malcolm fixed hot dogs and hamburgers, and Jimena made carrot cake. It was lovely to have almost all the kids and spouses. Cadie’s knee wound is healing well. No infection. Just a pokemon scar. I was able to take some photos with … Continue reading

Polaroid Instant Film is Reinvented, Revived and On Sale This Week – DailyFinance

Polaroid Instant Film is Reinvented, Revived and On Sale This Week – DailyFinance. Starting Thursday…if you read all the way to the bottom of the article.