Robert Frank Video Interview


Milo wanted his picture taken

Milo wanted me to take “pichurs, YaYa” with the big camera yesterday. Could not refuse! Fujiroid 4×5 instant. Now I want to make more. The black and white is very nice, too.  A good jolt back to making film based work. Even though I do like the new digital SLR I got in November. Too … Continue reading

Photo Gallery

Photos from this year….home, basketball, Chico, Seattle, and more home. Click on the image below and you will be linked to a gallery where you can see the images in a variety of modes. Best to use the Safari browser or the Firefox 3 versions.

Another one bites the dust

Resolution for the new year….get to the darkroom before it is too late and too expensive! So many products are gone or the “recipe” is changed or the manufacturer is in France or the company is deceased. Polaroid for starters. We know where the color photo technology resides; the digital product can be just as … Continue reading

Go, Grannie, Go!

My kind of pet, too. Pretty funny! Laura sent me this link about Mamika’s story. I guess I know what I need to do next for photo opps. But where is the grandson who will help me? Malcolm, are you ready for this? Here is a link to Mamika’s blog. The photo to the left … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Here’s to another 20 years!!! 92 down and lots to go! Wish we were there to help you blow out the candles! xo from all of us, including Milo.

Pics from the opening of Calculated Risk

The crowd numbered somewhere around 700, at least someone ventured a guess at that size. Johanna took most of these photos.

Graduation and Retirement Celebrations

Today marks the end, almost, of retirement celebrations for me…official ones are over. I will continue to celebrate as much as possible with friends! The official end date is June 30. There is a faculty exhibit in September that I am working on over the summer. To have the time and energy to focus on … Continue reading

Best 100 Polaroids in exhibit….includes one of mine!!

Swiss museum puts Polaroids ‘in peril’ on show. Polaroid collection faces auction split The Musee de l’Elysee/Lausanne A quote from the first site: “In the meantime, the museum, in the western Swiss city of Lausanne will showcase the best 100 of some 4,500 photographs owned by Polaroid, the company that popularised instant photographs.” Vicki Ragan, … Continue reading

Poor to rich in 90 seconds – The Boston Globe

Poor to rich in 90 seconds – The Boston Globe. Link to the website called Perspecives of Poverty, with interesting blog discussions of photography, aid, poverty, etc. Not a new discussion for some, but good to see that the issues of documentary photo, advertisement, social justice and propaganda (to name a few topics) are being … Continue reading