On being an artist and a mother – a conversation

Originally posted on LITTLE BROWN MUSHROOM BLOG:
Carrie Thompson: When I was pregnant I had a studio visit with Lorna Simpson. She is a mother, so I asked her for advice. I wanted to know what I should do before I have my baby. What would be the challenges for me when I become a mother? She…

Just when you think the new process is easily repeatable….

…because the digital age of photo prints is now very good. NOT! entirely true. It is very good, just not as easy to get the exact duplicate that I expected. Duh. I am a photographer. I spent at least 8 years in the darkroom just about every day for a job and health insurance. I … Continue reading

News item re: unpublished photographer

Take a look at the images. Interesting discovery! Vivian Maier

Another one bites the dust

Resolution for the new year….get to the darkroom before it is too late and too expensive! So many products are gone or the “recipe” is changed or the manufacturer is in France or the company is deceased. Polaroid for starters. We know where the color photo technology resides; the digital product can be just as … Continue reading

Calculated Risks: Opening

A wonderful opening last night. Thanks to the entire DMCC staff, the Art Department, and Wellesley College for support. There is a wonderful array of work, something that will engage every visitor. Lots of programming with talks and panel discussions. Check the DMCC website for the calendar. Thanks  again to all who came!

Vaguely Arabic At The Circus: Steve Milanowski

For more work by Steve, try his website or facebook page.

Who knew? Another exhibit to add to the resume!

A good thing friends pass along the info. Thanks, Sarah! Seems like as soon as I decided to retire, that I have a few exhibits to add to the resume, not that it makes a whole lot of difference. Would be ever so nice if museums who have ones work would let one know when … Continue reading

Save the Date: Davis Museum exhibit

September 15 opening…. Exhibit will be on view for the whole semester. Hope you can see it!

Exhibit installation coming along!

Only a few more photos to spot and then on to the slide shows for the digital frames. I’m satisfied with the look of the wall. And I’m excited to see the rest of the work! Video installations, animation installations, lots of photo, sculpture, drawing and painting. The announcement should be ready soon. Will post … Continue reading

B: Society of the Spectacular Find

More news of the “found” Ansel Adams negs and prints. Good for a laugh courtesy of Karl Baden. B: Society of the Spectacular Find