Robert Frank Video Interview


Spring Cleaning: Letting Go

Bear with me. These images do have something in common. I am cleaning out the office at Wellesley, finally, and cleaning out the bookshelves and office at home to make room for stuff from Wellesley that I can’t part with yet. So, double copies of old paperbacks from high school that will fall apart if … Continue reading

News item re: unpublished photographer

Take a look at the images. Interesting discovery! Vivian Maier

Another one bites the dust

Resolution for the new year….get to the darkroom before it is too late and too expensive! So many products are gone or the “recipe” is changed or the manufacturer is in France or the company is deceased. Polaroid for starters. We know where the color photo technology resides; the digital product can be just as … Continue reading

Chris Peck: A puzzling picture by Ernest Withers » The Commercial Appeal

In today’s news: Chris Peck: A puzzling picture by Ernest Withers » The Commercial Appeal. More photos and text

B: Society of the Spectacular Find

More news of the “found” Ansel Adams negs and prints. Good for a laugh courtesy of Karl Baden. B: Society of the Spectacular Find

Haunted: at the Guggenheim

Was able to see the new photo show at the Guggenheim yesterday. It is a very interesting overview/cross-section of all kinds of photo based work under the big umbrella of the title, Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance. I could have done without the title, which I find a bit of a stretch on some work. But what … Continue reading