You are never too old….

…to screw up or screw around. From the Chico Enterprise newspaper yesterday…. two interesting lives…. I really need to get busy with a more crazy life so the stories told at my funeral will be really good ones! Not sure these are role models, but they are good for wondering about how some guys figure … Continue reading

We Didn’t Start The Fire: interesting link from my Dad

Interesting example of how images and words play together…and how much the picture is our memory. Probably an old video making its rounds, but I have not seen it before. As the message from the email says, “Whether you are a Billy Joel fan or not, you probably remember his great song, ‘We Didn’t Start … Continue reading

Point, shoot, take a risk/ Sebastian Smee comments on digital

Point, shoot, take a risk – The Boston Globe An article by Sebastian Smee. Watch the video, too. Sebastian, what was that quote from your hero, Walker Evans, that you use in this article? Something about not using a new technology until one is over 60? Perhaps you should wait until you are old enough. … Continue reading

Good Advice from Goodwill

While shopping at Goodwill this morning with Cora, my mother-in-law and Milo, my grandson, both using 3 wheeled vehicles, I noticed this sign. Think about it.

Belly Dancing at the Greek Restaurant in Florida

Opa’s in Hollywood, FL Site of belly dancing on the tables! Great food, great fun!

From this morning’s Globe…

Can’t resist passing on this wonderful bit of advice from the Globe’s Handyman advice column. I’ve always been bothered by the sound of little feet on the roof. This should keep the birds off, too. A very medieval solution to pesky animals! Q. How can I keep squirrels from jumping on my roof? Also, a … Continue reading

While having lunch in Italy….

Homer appeared on the TV screen. We realized that we had seen the episode before, but not in Italian. And we don’t watch the Simpson’s that often! Lunch was very good, though.

Baby Jesus by Otto Dix in the Vatican Museum

El Vez Xmas!!

I Wanna Wish You a Merry Xmas!

Things you find on the internet…remembering Dan Farber

I think I probably printed this image a long time ago at Boris Color Labs (now The House of Blues) in Boston. Dan brought his work in to be processed and printed. Printing 8×10 negs was amazing! I was checking out the LUNA Insight digital asset management sight and came across the digitized collection of … Continue reading