New look for website

One thing on the “to do” list has gotten a start. The look of my website is much better. I am still using iWeb, but have figured out a bunch of shortcuts and work-arounds for the functions it lacks. Must figure out how to import already produced pages back into the program. Next will be … Continue reading

Sunday Morning News/ Live and Learn

A quiet morning with the newspaper….many of the comics (the best part of the Globe) were very funny today. Must start the day laughing. I’ve grown to like Cul de Sac, along with the old-timers, namely Dilbert, Zits, For Better or Worse, Stone Soup, Arlo and Janis, and of course Doonsebury. Looking to find the … Continue reading

Finally feel like I am on leave!

Walking with Emiliano to Central Square for lunch today was so lovely. Got several errands done, saw lots of people of all stripes, the weather was great…so nice!! Not being behind the desk and cooped up at Wellesley made me very happy. Classes have started and I’m not thinking about transfer credit too much. It … Continue reading

Long time, no posting!

Wish there was a way to post from my iPod when I am online. I’ll figure it out some day. Busy learning my way around VueScan and ImagePrint…imageprint was working just fine until today when I really needed it to work well. Trying to get prints done for a faculty show by Friday morning. Color … Continue reading

Big Progress!!

Took some pix of Dylan, Jimena and Milo at 12 weeks! The darkroom is back in shape and I have developed 3 rolls of film from who knows how far back. At least I remember how! Only need to fix the timer and a few other minor things. Next will be some Fujifilm 4×5! On … Continue reading

New Things for Thursday

List of web places where I am posting photos and other interesting tidbits of info for future reference. You may not want to look at them, but they might come in handy for me to use someday. Next web tech to investigate…RSS feeds so that the world knows when I have uploaded a brilliant thought … Continue reading

another try at the file format for iPod touch

More new things

Ordered new computer, new “studio” for the year. Started cleaning my office at home and found missing items. Will the sun ever come out to warm things up? Although this is perfect light! Also bought “” for 5 years. Now I can learn how to separate the personal and the public personas. Watched the lettuce … Continue reading

Fijiroid instant photos