Calculated Risks opening info

For more info… See you there!!! Advertisements

Who knew? Another exhibit to add to the resume!

A good thing friends pass along the info. Thanks, Sarah! Seems like as soon as I decided to retire, that I have a few exhibits to add to the resume, not that it makes a whole lot of difference. Would be ever so nice if museums who have ones work would let one know when … Continue reading

Exhibit installation coming along!

Only a few more photos to spot and then on to the slide shows for the digital frames. I’m satisfied with the look of the wall. And I’m excited to see the rest of the work! Video installations, animation installations, lots of photo, sculpture, drawing and painting. The announcement should be ready soon. Will post … Continue reading

One of my students in the news!

In today’s Globe. So nice to wake up to a face you know in the paper! MaCherie is one of our Media Arts and Science majors, combining studio art, art history and computer science courses. MaCherie Edwards’s smart-phone app helps people get the most out of the museum – The Boston Globe.

Slideshow and Gallery support on WordPress

Will see if this works for me…  and it does!!! Not too time consuming, either. Will have to play with it to see how much it can be tweaked. Here is a link to the directions. See my results on the Page “Gallery One.” Gallery « Support —