Dylan and Bartender History in Boston

“Cocktail Creationists”????  Oh, well. Probably goes with the “Bartender’s Bible.” Would not have been my first choice for a literary reference, but all PR is good PR. Advertisements

Sunday Morning News/ Live and Learn

A quiet morning with the newspaper….many of the comics (the best part of the Globe) were very funny today. Must start the day laughing. I’ve grown to like Cul de Sac, along with the old-timers, namely Dilbert, Zits, For Better or Worse, Stone Soup, Arlo and Janis, and of course Doonsebury. Looking to find the … Continue reading

A moving celebration of abstract dance – The Boston Globe

Jimena was performing with Caitlin Corbett at the ICA in Boston this past weekend. Today in the Globe: A moving celebration of abstract dance –   Jimena is the second from the front. “The best abstract dances not only light up your eyes but tug at your heart. Yes, their architectural “rightness’’ — the sterling juxtaposition … Continue reading

One of my students in the news!

In today’s Globe. So nice to wake up to a face you know in the paper! MaCherie is one of our Media Arts and Science majors, combining studio art, art history and computer science courses. MaCherie Edwards’s smart-phone app helps people get the most out of the museum – The Boston Globe.

Poor to rich in 90 seconds – The Boston Globe

Poor to rich in 90 seconds – The Boston Globe. Link to the website called Perspecives of Poverty, with interesting blog discussions of photography, aid, poverty, etc. Not a new discussion for some, but good to see that the issues of documentary photo, advertisement, social justice and propaganda (to name a few topics) are being … Continue reading

Point, shoot, take a risk/ Sebastian Smee comments on digital

Point, shoot, take a risk – The Boston Globe An article by Sebastian Smee. Watch the video, too. Sebastian, what was that quote from your hero, Walker Evans, that you use in this article? Something about not using a new technology until one is over 60? Perhaps you should wait until you are old enough. … Continue reading