The Girls from Boris Color Lab, 25 years later

Here we are, 25 years after working together at Boris Color Labs on Landsdowne Street across the street from Fenway Park and down the street from the WBCN studios. That was in the early 80s. Still looking’ pretty good! Moira, Cathy, me and Cheryl were toasting Cathy’s completion of her MFA last night! Advertisements

The Tres Amigos Sampler

Eddie Barbash and his trio sing and play for you. New,  young musicians combine country, jazz, New Orleans sounds. Eddie is the son of good friends and played in Cambridge recently. Milo met him, and we play Eddie’s youTube videos almost every day. “Eddie, toot-toot!” Here are a couple of links to make you smile … Continue reading

Armenian Night Annual Party

This year’s Armenian Night party, again, warded off the deep cold of the NE winter. Great friends and great food and drink are the ingredients. Plus a long running tradition that brings Armenian food to the table. And a brief nod to one traditional dance! Gerard’s recipe for the “little footballs” is featured. Instead of … Continue reading

Jamon and GinandTonics and More Don Quixote

Well, Spain was a delightful break from the normal routine. Some things remain consistent…jamon, jamon, jamon for every meal or so it seems. But the size of the gin and tonics has grown! Though it odd to end a meal with g and t, but saw it often enough to know that it is fairly … Continue reading

Pics from the opening of Calculated Risk

The crowd numbered somewhere around 700, at least someone ventured a guess at that size. Johanna took most of these photos.

Vaguely Arabic At The Circus: Steve Milanowski

For more work by Steve, try his website or facebook page.

Anxiety dreams and the cure

Woke up this morning with one of the classic teaching anxiety dreams…late for class, not prepared, students running wild, no equipment, etc. I did have clothes on, one good thing. And I’m not even teaching anymore! I doubt that I will ever have such dreams about my golf game! Dee just sent me a few … Continue reading

One of my students in the news!

In today’s Globe. So nice to wake up to a face you know in the paper! MaCherie is one of our Media Arts and Science majors, combining studio art, art history and computer science courses. MaCherie Edwards’s smart-phone app helps people get the most out of the museum – The Boston Globe.

B: Society of the Spectacular Find

More news of the “found” Ansel Adams negs and prints. Good for a laugh courtesy of Karl Baden. B: Society of the Spectacular Find


American Glamour

A beautiful book by Alice T. Friedman, my friend and colleague. First, a blurb in Vanity Fair, next an interview in the New York Times! Congratulations, Alice!