Just when you think the new process is easily repeatable….

…because the digital age of photo prints is now very good. NOT! entirely true. It is very good, just not as easy to get the exact duplicate that I expected. Duh. I am a photographer. I spent at least 8 years in the darkroom just about every day for a job and health insurance. I … Continue reading

Calculated Risks: Exhibit at the Davis Museum, Wellesley College

Opening on September 15, Calculated Risks is an exhibit of work by artists/faculty in the studio art department. Collaborating with the DMCC and the art history faculty, the exhibit will show work by 12 artists currently teaching (or recently retired!) at Wellesley. I have made my final decisions about the installation and the checklist is … Continue reading

Damn Squirrel and Other News

Damn squirrel ate the flowers off the plant Matina and Matt gave me for mother’s day! The garden looks so nice in the rain, though. Tomorrow should be sunny, so the plants should be happy campers. Taking advantage of the cold, rainy day, I started printing for an exhibit in the fall. Worked out most … Continue reading