Happy Passover

Found a recipe that I am trying for the first time for the brisket. It will be ready tomorrow. Really slow cooking! Here is a link to one online that is almost the same as the one I found in my new New York Times cookbook. And we are having matzoh ball soup for dinner … Continue reading

Armenian Night Annual Party

This year’s Armenian Night party, again, warded off the deep cold of the NE winter. Great friends and great food and drink are the ingredients. Plus a long running tradition that brings Armenian food to the table. And a brief nod to one traditional dance! Gerard’s recipe for the “little footballs” is featured. Instead of … Continue reading

Holiday pictures

Johanna was the chef for the day, doing most all the cooking for breakfast and dinner. She must have spent several days in the prep work as well. This link will take you to a gallery of photos, bigger sized than I can post on the blog. Some are sideways, but I will figure out … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Here’s to another 20 years!!! 92 down and lots to go! Wish we were there to help you blow out the candles! xo from all of us, including Milo.

Calculated Risks opening info

For more info… See you there!!!

Tina and Mike visit

Tina (my sister) and Mike (my brother-in-law) were here last week visiting from New Zealand. Family gatherings were in order, visits to New Hampshire and George’s Island were lovely and only the weather was a “little” on the hot and muggy side. We survived the heat fairly well. Had great meals at Green Street where … Continue reading

New York Weekend

Last weekend was a treat…Friday and Saturday in NYC on my own. Went to several galleries, MoMA, the Met without an entourage. Stayed at a friend’s apartment and got around just fine. Learning the bus and subway was good. Something I don’t generally have to do because I’m with others who know the city so … Continue reading

Reunion Weekend

Had a lovely time this weekend catching up with former students who came for their reunions…classes of 2000 and 2005. So nice to see them flourishing and not stressed out!

First day of the last month

Of my last sabbatical….the year in which I would “learn new things”, make new work, recuperate from the previous year of work, play with grandkids and lots of other agenda items. 30 days to go before I am officially retired from steady employment. Before it all becomes outgo instead of income! On the bright side, … Continue reading

Graduation and Retirement Celebrations

Today marks the end, almost, of retirement celebrations for me…official ones are over. I will continue to celebrate as much as possible with friends! The official end date is June 30. There is a faculty exhibit in September that I am working on over the summer. To have the time and energy to focus on … Continue reading