Cadie as a newborn…just about 11 years ago

Not sure whose toes those are…Laura’s or mine. Cadie 2000           Advertisements

Yesterday….Erik reached the 40 year mark

Happy Birthday, my son in LA! If I remember correctly, you were supposed to arrive in late October. This photo must have been taken close to Thanksgiving and was used for the yearly Christmas card. Here’s to another 50+ years. Another whole lifetime.

“Aba” or YaYa” por me?

Milo is searching for the perfect name to call me. Any votes? He has MaMa, PaPa, DaDa in place, but I am still nameless. Grannie is too hard. I’m learning toward YaYa. I think he is, too.

Can Sleep Anywhere

Laura climbed in the tub in the toybox and took a nap! Dylan could nap anywhere! One might ask why their mother let them.

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

As I comb through the negs, there are photos that I can’t resist. This is my best cute cat photo. The story is better than the image, though. The high chairs in the 1970s were not quite as safety minded as they are today. Note the tie hanging off the back of the seat. Jack’s … Continue reading

They all look alike…

I have been working with lots of scans and slides from 19?? on. I think this is Dylan, freshly born, in Burbank Hospital, Fitchburg, almost 36 years ago. But then maybe it is….??? For sure the bottom pic is Laura!

Same date, last year/this year

First post from June, 2009….I started the blog on my birthday, therefore “a new year”……”A new post for a new year, wishing for new work and good times for all of us!” A year has passed. This blog has recorded some of the new work and the good times. Some unexpected happenings and some sad … Continue reading

Milo will be ONE on Saturday

Hard to believe that Milo has been around for only one year. And he already has two heads. Reminds me of a photo I took of Doc Edgerton with Steve M’s head growing out of his arm. Will have to find it and put it next to this one.

Like this format better?

I think this new template from WordPress is a bit more to my liking. The color photo is Malcolm fairly recently, the black and white is Malcolm in the backyard many years ago.

Happy Birthday, Johanna!