French horn in action!

Milo is trying out the “tuba” (a.k.a. french horn) he got for Christmas. Advertisements

Chilli Story….and yes the spelling is ok

This is a longer story than I usually write, but it is a good one. I was making chili last weekend for a football play-off game…seemed right. We have different super bowl menu which has traditionally been a gumbo we call “The Neville Brother’s Seafood Gumbo” only because we like their music. In the old … Continue reading

The Girls from Boris Color Lab, 25 years later

Here we are, 25 years after working together at Boris Color Labs on Landsdowne Street across the street from Fenway Park and down the street from the WBCN studios. That was in the early 80s. Still looking’ pretty good! Moira, Cathy, me and Cheryl were toasting Cathy’s completion of her MFA last night!

As long as the topic is food based…let’s add some beer connections

Beer may be in Erik and Dylan’s heritage. My grandmother’s family owned a large brewery in Springfield, IL which was established in 1849. A distant cousin, George Reisch, has been the chief brewmeister for Anheuser-Busch. Here is a link to more information about the brewery and several family members who loved to tell stories.  

Old news is better than no news!

Just came across this blog post…I know it is two years old, but I had not seen it before. Fast forward to the end of 2011, and here is Erik’s connection to the Mozza cookbook.    

Xmas Presents

I won’t promise that this will be the last “Cute Kid” video unless the rest of the world refrains from Cute Cat and Cute Dog pictures and videos. Fair bargain? I think Milo will never again get his most wished for presents all in one Christmas. Christmas eve saw the arrival of several musical instruments … Continue reading

Another Milo music video

  Gotta be like Eddie and wear the case on the back! Even though it is a guitar case….

Cadie as a newborn…just about 11 years ago

Not sure whose toes those are…Laura’s or mine. Cadie 2000          

Saturday nite, Sunday morning with Cadie, Malcolm and Milo

Happy Birthday to Cadie, who will be 11 tomorrow! Last night, we took Malcolm and Cadie to Harvard Square for shoe shopping, pizza at Pinocchio’s and the movie Hugo in 3D. And a sleep over! Milo came over this morning to wake the late sleepers. The best time. And one great part….two pairs of sneakers … Continue reading

Yesterday….Erik reached the 40 year mark

Happy Birthday, my son in LA! If I remember correctly, you were supposed to arrive in late October. This photo must have been taken close to Thanksgiving and was used for the yearly Christmas card. Here’s to another 50+ years. Another whole lifetime.