The Infinity Burial Project

Infinity Burial Project

The Infinity Burial Project.

Parallel/Peripheral: Working at the Intersection of Art and Other
Jae Rhim Lee, artist and ACT research fellow, MIT, Cambridge MA
Respondent: Nicholas A. Ashford, Professor of Technology and Policy;
Director, MIT Technology and Law Program

Jae Rhim Lee’s current work, the Infinity Burial Project, proposes alternatives for the post-mortem body and features the training of a unique strain of edible mushroom to decompose and remediate toxins in human tissue. Jae Rhim Lee’s work challenges the boundaries prescribed by society and culture between self and other by proposing unorthodox relationships for the mind/body/self, and the built and natural environment. Lee has exhibited both nationally and internationally and is a recipient of a Creative Capital Foundation Grant (2009), Institut für Raumexperimente/Universität der Künste Berlin Grant (2010), and the renowned MAK Schindler Center Scholarship, Los Angeles. Lee is currently an ACT fellow.

I went to this presentation last evening at MIT, partly because of connections to both MIT and Wellesley. Both the presenters provided food for thought!! I had not considered some of the environmental aspects of burial in detail and while I think the Burial Project ideas may not be for me, I intend to investigate.

Take the site work with a dose of humor and satire, as is intended…even though it presents serious ideas.

The other person who spoke was Nicholas A. Ashford who made compelling arguments about other major environmental issues besides global warming.


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