Spring Cleaning: Letting Go

Jane Eyre covers

big camera


Bear with me. These images do have something in common. I am cleaning out the office at Wellesley, finally, and cleaning out the bookshelves and office at home to make room for stuff from Wellesley that I can’t part with yet. So, double copies of old paperbacks from high school that will fall apart if opened (plus, one can read them on the iPod downloaded for free, sans the cover art) are going to another home.There are now 4 bags of books to go to the used book store for store credit.  Likewise, hundreds of slides I made from books to show in class will be offered to the Boston Public Library for their collection. Not sure the slides will be useful for them, but worth a try. Very hard to throw away the archives of one’s reading and viewing past. But it must be done to make way for more!

The pointsetta is actually a carry-over from 2009! First time I have been able to do than. Will see if it will make a 3rd year! So it does not have a direct relation to cleaning, but some things you save and keep alive just for the hell of it.


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