About the Death of Reading and Technology, among other things

The iPad and Rich Media Apps—Capitalizing on the Future of Storytelling | Xconomy.

I have to agree that reading is not dead. My thoughts as well. New technologies can be used to great advantage over older ones. We don’t have to get rid of the older ones. I have been reading much more lately on my little iPod Touch using downloaded books. The advantages are several for me. The weight of the iPod compared to, say, a beautiful hardback edition to carry around or to prop open while reading in bed, is a big plus. The column width makes it much easier for me to read with the bi-focals. No need to move the head to keep the text in focus.

As for the folks who think reading is dead, think again about what it takes to decode other narrative media from still images to cinema to theater and music. While commonly classified as “entertainment” for many people, these media have equally complex codes and symbols that need to be learned. Visual literacy is as important today as reading literacy is. Add in a bunch of other disciplines in science and math that we want our children and grandchildren to be exposed to and you understand my cry for a liberal arts education starting in pre-school. Its not just play!

I am continually upset by the attitude of many people that the arts are not serious work. Take, for instance, the faculty members who are serious amauter photographers. If they post a lovely photo of a bird using a telephoto lens, other faculty will respond with kudos. If I posted a recipe as a chemistry experiment, it would make me look like a fool.

Maybe in my retirement, I will work on those experiments!

OK, so I will stop the rant…..

blue bird


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