Jamon and GinandTonics and More Don Quixote

Well, Spain was a delightful break from the normal routine. Some things remain consistent…jamon, jamon, jamon for every meal or so it seems. But the size of the gin and tonics has grown! Though it odd to end a meal with g and t, but saw it often enough to know that it is fairly common even in the winter. Smokey bars and restaurants are the norm…until Jan. 1 when new laws are due to go into effect. I read a lot more of Don Quixote, too. Seems so contemporary in his insights! Took my new SLR camera along and love it. Not too heavy or bulky. We had lots of “adventures”…. like finding out that there were no restaurants open in the little village in the Pyrenees…bread and cheese and jamon from the grocery for dinner! Great museums, beautiful land, lovely people!

And everyone knows Carlos or Jordi!!!

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One Response to “Jamon and GinandTonics and More Don Quixote”
  1. tinadelceg says:

    You’re right about the jamon. We watch a cooking show hosted by a Spanish chef and almost every dish has it in some form or other. But the food looks great.

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