“Why don’t you ever make meatballs?”

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Let me tell you why not. First, go to three places to get the right ingredients. Make the sauce…chopping everything very fine. Then start the meatballs. Bake them in sauce in a slow oven. Cook the pasta. Dress the salad with homemade dressing. Total time…all day.Ok, I admit that I have avoided meatballs for 40 years. As you can see, Erik did all the work with help from Jo and Milo. Dinner was perfect!
Thanks, Erik!!!!

2 Responses to ““Why don’t you ever make meatballs?””
  1. Tina says:

    they look fantastic! Tell Erik I made his gnocchi last night and they were pretty good. Didn’t take quite all day though.

  2. judithblack says:

    Today, I learn how to make the gnocchi. Erik says to tell you that he has learned a better method. Will let you know.

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