Sunday Morning News/ Live and Learn

A quiet morning with the newspaper….many of the comics (the best part of the Globe) were very funny today. Must start the day laughing. I’ve grown to like Cul de Sac, along with the old-timers, namely Dilbert, Zits, For Better or Worse, Stone Soup, Arlo and Janis, and of course Doonsebury.

Looking to find the comics on-line, I just signed up for an account on gocomics. They needed the usual info, but also asked for birthdate, gender and zip code. I thought about it, decided I wanted the comics more than the “privacy” of not having “cookies” and ads for my real demographic. I also lied. I am now a male, born on April 1 and live in NYC somewhere. Already, the site is advertising very expensive cameras for my purchase. Little did they know….opps, maybe they really know who I am!?

To continue a previous theme about “learning new things”…..I need to learn more about WordPress and perhaps upgrade, so that I can change the color and size of the text. I can’t find a good background color that enables the text to show up well. The only background colors that let the text in the post to show up are really pretty ugly. And I can’t really read text in sub-point sizes like this one!! What were the designers thinking? I know I can choose a different paragraph style, but I want a default that I can read. Opps, I just found the text color icon, right there in front of me! That helps some, but it does not define a default. Gotta pay for change.


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