“Aba” or YaYa” por me?

Morning driving lesson

Milo is searching for the perfect name to call me. Any votes? He has MaMa, PaPa, DaDa in place, but I am still nameless. Grannie is too hard. I’m learning toward YaYa. I think he is, too.

One Response to ““Aba” or YaYa” por me?”
  1. Tina says:

    Nana is what grannies are called here (and in England). i think that’s perfect, easy to say, a commonly used term of endearment. It’s also used in a gently teasing way to describe something old-fashioned, as in “I’m wearing my nana sweater today” or if you stay in on a Saturday night instead of going to the pub with your mates, you’re being a nana.

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