Calculated Risks: Exhibit at the Davis Museum, Wellesley College

Opening on September 15, Calculated Risks is an exhibit of work by artists/faculty in the studio art department. Collaborating with the DMCC and the art history faculty, the exhibit will show work by 12 artists currently teaching (or recently retired!) at Wellesley. I have made my final decisions about the installation and the checklist is set. Given that most of the work is being done over the summer, the title made good sense for most of us.

One more printing session in the darkroom today, and then the main installation will take place on August 6. Final work on the digital slideshows can happen after that, and little magazines can be printed as needed to be included in the “process” gallery area. So happy to have had an ambitious deadline to focus on. (Hard to avoid the pun.)

A bit of longing for Polaroid Type 55 film comes over me as I print some of the negatives. What a great product to have disappear from the market. I wish it would come back! The packet of film, paper and chemistry made it possible to have an instant 4×5″ negative, check the exposure and other details (everyone look relatively ok?) and quit shooting once I had the one I wanted.

Now, off to the dark!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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