Same date, last year/this year

June 11, 2009

First post from June, 2009….I started the blog on my birthday, therefore “a new year”……”A new post for a new year, wishing for new work and good times for all of us!”

A year has passed. This blog has recorded some of the new work and the good times. Some unexpected happenings and some sad news. Important and trivial…funny what comes to mind as one looks back over a year.

This past sabbatical year was a mix of committee work for Wellesley, sussing out and accepting the retirement offering, caring for Milo, seeing the kids through hard times when their father died, paying attention to my photo work, learning to write longer posts, watching Malcolm and Cadie grow…..  Compared to the state of the world and the illnesses of colleagues and friends, we are in good shape.

And now…off to work for a meeting about the damn skylights being replaced after we spent lots of time and money last summer putting film on them to cut the light…. checking on budget spending for the end of the year….. home to take Milo for a spin…. But I’m not cooking dinner tonite!

And I’ll repeat the same wish as above from last year…. And I will add good health to the list! And hugs, kisses and THANKS to you all.

Boy Stick Puddle 2010


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