First day of the last month

Of my last sabbatical….the year in which I would “learn new things”, make new work, recuperate from the previous year of work, play with grandkids and lots of other agenda items. 30 days to go before I am officially retired from steady employment. Before it all becomes outgo instead of income!

On the bright side, the basil is already doing better than last year. Milo runs over every day to see Gramps and look for the vacuum cleaner…forget toys. Cadie and Malcolm are growing up very quickly and very nicely.

I have learned to keep the blog going, to read a few books on my iPod, to let go….a little bit.

One Response to “First day of the last month”
  1. Bonnie says:

    Jude, I’ve been following the hoopla, the push-pull of “retirement from steady employment.” There too I will be, and I wonder: Will you be my role-model, now that my role-model’s gone?

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