Today is the Day, kinda

Last Friday was the retirement party for faculty, hosted by the president of the College. Lovely weather and very bad food. This evening will be the party hosted by the Art Department for Miranda Marvin, John Rhodes and me…all retiring from active duty. As a friend’s father, and I’m sure many others have, reflected as he was leaving for good, “It’s been a good run!” So many other phrases come to mind. “Get while the gettin’s good.” ” Quit while you are ahead.” ” Time to move on.”

So, my post from November 13, Friday, is about to be accomplished. Retirement will let me focus on producing more pictures, printing ones that have not seen the light of day, reassessing, re-purposing, reliving… And who knows, I may find another career of sorts to fill the next phase which will last only so long. Of course, helping my family will be a big part.

I’ve had several lifes/careers, each very different than the previous one. I never expected to retire from a career, much less retire from Wellesley College! Life is kinda funny in the way things work out. I’m grateful for the positive and not so positive experiences from each life. My therapist from long ago  gave me a Tibetian saying to hang over my doorway. It reads something like this…

“Nothing bad will happen to those who pass under this doorway.” Took me awhile to appreciate the wisdom and translate it into real life. I pass it along.

I’m so lucky.


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