Point, shoot, take a risk/ Sebastian Smee comments on digital

Point, shoot, take a risk – The Boston Globe

An article by Sebastian Smee. Watch the video, too.

Sebastian, what was that quote from your hero, Walker Evans, that you use in this article? Something about not using a new technology until one is over 60? Perhaps you should wait until you are old enough.

I’m having a hard time following your argument that digital cameras take the risk out of photography because it is too easy to take a lot of photos for low cost (not exactly true) and that it does not produce tangible images. Ever hear of Kodachrome and The Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin?

I realize your article is in the entertainment section of the Globe and paired with a technology piece by Hiawatha Bray on the new Polaroid cameras hitting the market. For many amateur and family photographers, both the Polaroid instant image and the digital cameras are what we use. On a daily basis, many people see way more of their photos on their computer screens than they do in their albums.

I never used the color Polaroid materials, too expensive for me, even now it seems like a high price to pay. The materials coming out soon from the  Impossible Project in the Netherlands are pretty pricey per print.

That being said, I miss Polaroid Type 55 like you wouldn’t believe. The instant feedback, the beauty of the enlarged print, the whole process…. I loved it!!! It made my career as a photographer. For professionals, the camera and film to use is the one that keeps you young and working and learning new things….

“[But] you have to really know something before you dare point it at anywhere.’’  Walker Evans, quoted in your article.


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