Exhibit Announcement

Some old photos plus some newer photos! It has been a great thing to have a deadline and to get back into the darkroom to print newer negatives!

Davis/Orton Gallery in the Hudson River Valley near the Berkshires  area is presenting this exhibit.

I have concentrated for most of my career on a subject close to home, in my own backyard….my family and self. Having a large and young family, traveling even as far as the neighbor’s house to find a compelling narrative proved difficult, never mind finding a social documentary or exotic local. I realized that my story might be interesting or at least visually worth recording, if not for other’s viewing, at least as our unconventional family album. Almost all of my photographs have been taken in my “studio” that is defined by our house and the adjacent space called “yard.” The word backyard is both a metaphor and a real space.

In 1997, I exhibited work in a show which was titled “I Need To See You.” That installation presented new work, but also exhibited older images to give context and family history. This year I am organizing and working with 35 years of negatives, again seeing the relationships that emerge as we all get older.

Using images of family as a touchstone for memories reveals a deep collective need to make our personal narratives and memoirs a true representation of the past, which of course they can never be. In thinking about how to make sense of over 40 years of photographing my immediate family and self, I realized that the photographs I have exhibited were our “family album” made public, or perhaps the reverse, my “art” made useful within the domestic space. Future generations might look at them to reconstruct a story of their fore-bearers. The photographs are actual physical memories, evoking stories, truths and lies, all of which are ever changing depending on the reader’s perspective.

My father turns 92 this year, my mother-in-law is 85, and death is becoming a more familiar companion to those of us in our 60s. Milt, my husband Rob’s father, died several years ago. Our children are almost middle aged, the grandchildren are growing up, parents are declining. Illness and accidents have reminded us that we are vulnerable to more and more losses. We are looking very squarely at our own end…there won’t be another 30 years.


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