From this morning’s Globe…

Can’t resist passing on this wonderful bit of advice from the Globe’s Handyman advice column. I’ve always been bothered by the sound of little feet on the roof. This should keep the birds off, too. A very medieval solution to pesky animals!

Q. How can I keep squirrels from jumping on my roof? Also, a glass of red wine was spilled on my new sand-colored carpet. I immediately poured white wine onto the spot, and the red disappeared, but it left a dark spot. How can I remove it?
HELEN , from Wakefield
A. 1. You can’t. Well, maybe, but it is expensive. Line the edges of the roof with a needle board (long sharp nails driven through a wood board with the points facing up). You may find that you would have to cover the whole roof, so if I were you, I would live with them. 2. Try soap or detergent and water and thorough rinsing. Or, one of the new carpet cleaners on the market: One new one is Scotchgard Oxy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner with Stain Protector.

Thank you, Peter Horton, for a morning laugh.


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