Sports Update

Just to follow up on the Yankees win and its importance to the Madrick family. Milt grew up in the Bronx. He loved the stadium and the team and Frank Sinatra. When Milt died several years ago, I helped Cora move. We kept important things, photos, the usual. Included was Milt’s Yankee t-shirt. It has been with us since. We got it out for this series and hung it in the window.

As my dad remembered, some of Milt’s ashes were given a final resting place in the old Yankee stadium in Monument Park. Dad wanted to know if the remains were moved to the new stadium. We guessed not. Cora asked me as the game began if, where ever Milt was, did I think he could see the game? I thought for just a second, as she was serious. Sure. And we proceeded to let Milt know that he better use his powers to get the job done. Cora does not take no for an answer.

Cora exhorted…well, actually, she screamed at the players. “You bastard, why didn’t you catch that?!” Rob…”Mom, calm down. There was no way he was going to get that ball.”

It was an evening with lots of phone calls and nail biting. The final out came and Cora raised her hand to Milt in thanks.

Sports are important.


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