Let’s see…what’s new this week

A long week of meetings at Wellesley has ended. A few more long meetings to come, but this search process should be finished in a week or so. Then I can feel like I am on leave again. But it is good work. Only 2 more searches to work on this year.

I am back to figuring out a good backup system for my computer. Time Machine works well for the computer backup, but since I don’t keep my photo or music files on the laptop, I need to have a system that will backup the external drives to another external drive. A few tests and I should be able to make a decision about the best way to go. I should also figure out an archiving method, too.

Time to start working on an exhibit idea for the fall of 2010 faculty exhibit at the Davis Museum at work. Hope I can pull together a multi-media presentation. Now there is a new thing to learn! Also, still poking around with Picasa to see if I can use it instead of Expression Meda by microsoft which I doubt will be updated in the future.

Another post by A.D. Coleman about the Polaroid collection.

2 Responses to “Let’s see…what’s new this week”
  1. jim turbert says:

    Hi. Time Machine will backup external drives to other external drives. External drives are excluded from the backup by default, but you can include them in preferences. For real. You should not waste your time researching other backup scenarios and programs. Here are my reasons:1) It is included in your operating system, and is designed to restore all your data to said operating system with ease. 2) The way it organizes your data is intuitive and extremely simple to access. If you only want to find that one picture of Emiliano that you accidentally deleted you can easily peruse your backup in the Time Machine app or via the backups folder in the backup drive itself via a finder window. 3) Cool outer space access screen.4) You can tell it to include or exclude any of your drives, and it will do so as frequently as you wish to set it in the prefs. Also, it will backup whichever drives are connected at the time you run it, and it will still create a backup if those drives aren't connected the next time you run the program. 5) I requires ALMOST NO THOUGHT (!!!) to use it. I'm currently backing up over 1 terabyte of data from 5 disks. One of those disks is external, and all of this is being saved on a huge 1.5tb firewire 800 drive. It works. It's easy. It's a no brainer. Oh yeah, and I believe it will allow you to use several small disks as your backup if you don't want to buy a huge new one. I may be wrong about that though. Two more cents…I don't leave the auto backup function on. I don't need to backup that frequently unless I am rocking a mad photoshop session. Turning Time Machine off and hitting the "Back Up Now" button every two weeks makes me feel SUPER safe, but I turn on the auto backups when I'm working on something awesome, which unfortunately is not often enough. Drawbacks? Well, the backup is not bootable, but this is not a huge problem as restoring is easy. Another drawback is that you sometimes get a ridiculously huge incremental backup, and it can be difficult to figure out why it's so big. Neither of these is a deal breaker.

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