Neville Brothers play Boris Color Lab (aka House of Blues)

Last week, the Neville Brothers and Dr. John played at the House of Blues in Boston. Located on Landsdowne Street across from the Green Monster, I felt a bit nostalgic and rather old. Same location as my first photo job in Boston. The bathrooms are probably where the black and white darkroom was! We saw the Neville’s play in Sander’s Theatre in the early ’80s. We were all a lot younger then!

4 Responses to “Neville Brothers play Boris Color Lab (aka House of Blues)”
  1. Mark Savoia says:

    I wonder what the E-6 machine is now?

  2. Boy, it might be fun to take a tour of the place and go down memory lane for giggles.

  3. Gina Mongillo Clark says:

    Landsdown street 1980’s working at Boris color Lab,wow a trip down memory lane. Helped raise money for the Photographic Resource Library at it conception. Lots of memories… thanks…in New Zealand now and saw the Neville Bros. in NZ. How Ironic. Much LOVE to all my old comrades from Boris Color ,Advanced Photographics too.

    • judithblack says:

      Gina, I left Boris in 1983…Help!…did our paths cross? Our b/w lab was the bathroom for an Arrowsmith venue for awhile before it became House of Blues.

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